Who Am I?


I grew up in the culturally rich town Brixton, from a very young age I knew who I was and what I wanted to become once I left primary school, with early memories of my first sketchbook my mum bought me I fell in love with drawing everyday. I attended both ADT sixth form and Westminster Kingsway college and graduated with a Merit Diploma in Fashion and Art, I followed through with fashion for some time and was featured In the London lite sporting my own designs. Fashion was all but fun at the time, short lived as I discovered Art.


 I first started creating art in 2009 when I decided Fashion Design was no longer a passion that I wanted to pursue, At the beginning it was not easy to get my foot in the door, I had people turn me away and deemed my art not good enough to hang in their stores which left me doubting myself and my efforts for my future. I was still at the point of finding my style, my signature that people would know me for until one day I was fortunate to find a great mentor who guided me on how to paint and produce art at a commercial level, fine tuning each stroke and line so that I was not only seen but remembered. I was shown the ins and outs of the creative industry and what to look out for when formulating an art business I.e how to sell to stores and also how quickly to churn out art ideas. This was a fantastic help for me as a beginner as it gave me hope and lit a tunnel, showing me the way.